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6 Super Effective Motivational Tips

We all need to be motivated sometimes especially when work seems like a grind. Here are six terrific motivational tips that you can use today.

Motivational tip #1 Recognize that is is perfectly OK to feel de-motivated

Yes, the very first step to motivating yourself to be recognize and accept that it is perfectly normal and human to feel bored, de-motivated and listless from time to time. Even for the most passionate things, we can feel demotivated from time to time. So don’t beat yourself up and question why you’re feeling de-motivated – it just happens! Once you begin to accept it, the better you will be at dealing with it.

Motivational tip #2 Practice visualization

Some of the best sportsmen in the world utilize visualization to help them train and become better. Michael Phelps, for example, visualizes exactly how he wants to win and race in the pool. Nothing is left to chance as every single tiny detail is pictured: starts, turns, strokes, and the strategies. Indeed, he confirms that visualization is as important a part of his training as physical training.

Motivational tip #3 Build support structures


This means surrounding yourself with the right people in work and at play. This also mean cultivating a close circle of friend(s) that you know you can always turn to for support. This naturally obliges you to do the same for them too. This sort mutual reinforcing is extremely conducive to maintaining motivation as the more you do it (either as receiver or giver) the more it becomes habituated and routinized.

Motivational tip #4 Keep your goals visible!


This can involve simply keeping a picture/photo/drawing of your goal(s) around you. Some popular places to keep your goals visible would be your desk, mirror or even the fridge. You can be creative around it and use words that acts as ‘triggers’ for your goal or tasks that will remind you why you do what you’re doing in the first place.

Motivational tip #5 It is an ongoing process so read widely

There is a no shame in reading online articles (such as this), books or materials on motivation especially when you need a quick ‘pick me up’. In fact, these can be extremely helpful in giving you ideas and views on how to help yourself with regards to motivation.

Motivational tip #6 Reward yourself


It is important to reward yourself consistently as you work towards your goals or tasks. This can be something as simple as taking a small break or a chocolate break. Make a list of your goals/mini goals and also devise appropriate rewards when each step is met.

Please do share your own motivational tips below!


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