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8 Foods To Eat That Will Supercharge Your Concentration

Ever wondered what foods you can consume to help keep your mind focused and alert? There are plenty of such foods, of course, but here are eight of the best:

#1 Blueberries


There has been some studies done on the antioxidants present in blueberries and how it helps boost memory and concentration. They can also help stave of dementia and other nasty diseases. It’s good for you!

#2 Water


Do not overlook this humble but critical liquid. We need for multiple essential bodily function everyday and you might think that this sounds very commonsense (which it is!) but how many of us actually start drinking water only when we feel really thirsty?

Also, how much soda/alcohol do you drink relative to water? Keep your body and brain hydrated will make you feel clearer and crisper.

#3 Whole grains


Whole grains are healthy, solid and filling snack/meal that is free of additives and preservatives and all that nonsense. Researchers have also alluded to how it can help sustain focus.

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