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8 Foods To Eat That Will Supercharge Your Concentration

#4 Oily Fish


Oh yes, those valuable omega-3 fatty acids. It boost cognitive performance and behavioral function. It has also shown it plays a significant role in memory and recall. Best fish in this regard are salmon, trout, mackerel and herring.

#5 Pumpkin Seeds


Lots of zinc in this which is critical to our brains’ normal functioning and thinking capacities. They are also, like many seeds, food of stress killing magnesium and Vitamin B. Less stress = more relaxation = greater focus.

#6 Broccoli


This famous green veg is high on Vitamin K which is known to boost brain powers and help your brain in its essential daily functions. Not only that, it contains essential compounds – glucosinolates – that aids the nervous system in its smooth functioning and memory sharp.

#7 Dark Chocolates



I hope you’re smiling seeing this on the list! This dark sweet food is tasty but what is even better is that loads of magnesium with helps release endorphins which makes you feel good. This in turn has a very positive impact on your mood, concentration and productivity! Of course, as with everything, consume in moderation as a little bit of quality dark chocolate can be beneficial.

#8 Gum


Yes, this is one of my personal favorites. When I am writing or in need of concentration, I chew gum. Some studies have shown that it can help a helpful effect in concentration levels. Personally, I swear by it!

Of course, ladies and gents the best advice one could give is to have a healthy, balanced diet, exercise a lot and keep happy


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