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8 Paid AI Tools to Improve Your Writing and Boost Productivity (Including some little-known links)

Welcome to the era of AI-powered writing assistance, where innovative tools can transform your writing and elevate your productivity. In this blog post, we’ll explore paid AI-driven writing tools that are designed to assist and enhance your writing skills. These tools not only correct grammar and style but also offer broader functionalities like content generation and organization. So, grab your coffee, settle in, and let’s dive into the world of AI-driven writing improvement.

1. Grammarly: Precision in Grammar and Style

Grammarly is a well-known AI-driven writing assistant that excels in grammar correction and style improvement. It scans your text for grammatical errors, suggests improvements, and even evaluates tone and clarity. By installing the browser extension or using the web app, Grammarly seamlessly integrates into your writing process, ensuring your text is free from grammatical pitfalls.


2. Hemingway Editor: Clear and Concise Writing

Ernest Hemingway was renowned for his straightforward and clear writing style, and the Hemingway Editor helps you emulate that. This AI tool highlights complex sentences, overuse of adverbs, and passive voice, making your writing more engaging and comprehensible. Additionally, it assigns a readability grade, allowing you to gauge the accessibility of your content.

Hemingway Editor

3. ProWritingAid: Comprehensive Writing Assistance

ProWritingAid offers a holistic approach to writing improvement. This tool checks grammar, style, and readability, providing suggestions to enhance your writing. It goes further with detailed reports on aspects like overused words, sentence structure, and consistency. ProWritingAid empowers you to edit your work comprehensively, elevating it to the next level.


4. Scrivener: Organize Your Writing Professionally

Scrivener is more than just a writing tool; it’s an organizational powerhouse. Whether you’re writing a novel, a research paper, or a blog post, Scrivener helps you break your work into manageable sections. This tool makes it simple to rearrange content, ensuring a logical flow. It also offers a distraction-free writing mode to enhance your focus.


5. AutoCrit: Refining Fiction Writing

AutoCrit is designed for aspiring novelists and authors. This AI tool focuses on refining fiction writing by providing detailed reports on pacing, dialogue, and genre-specific feedback. If you’re on a journey to becoming the next best-selling author, AutoCrit is a valuable ally.


6. AI-Generated Content with GPT-3

Artificial intelligence has advanced to the point where it can generate human-like text with minimal input. Platforms like GPT-3 can help create content for various purposes, including blog posts, product descriptions, and more. This technology is a game-changer, allowing you to harness AI’s creative potential and boost your productivity.

OpenAI GPT-3

7. Google Docs and Grammarly: A Perfect Pair

Yea yea, we know its a repeat of #1 in the list BUT If you prefer working in Google Docs, combining it with Grammarly’s browser extension creates a powerful combination. Google Docs offers collaboration and cloud-based storage, while Grammarly ensures the highest grammatical and stylistic standards are maintained. It’s like having an unbeatable team ensuring your document’s quality.

Google Docs
Grammarly for Google Docs

8. AI Art Tools: Enhancing Visual Content

AI doesn’t just assist with text; it’s also transforming the creation of visual content. Tools like DeepDream, DALL-E, and Runway ML allow you to generate images, designs, and graphics with ease. Enhance your blog posts and social media updates with captivating visuals, leveraging the creative power of AI.

Runway ML

In conclusion, AI tools are a treasure trove for enhancing your writing and boosting productivity. With their ability to correct, organize, and even generate content, they act as your writing assistants, ensuring your work is polished and engaging. Embrace this technological revolution to make your writing journey smoother and more enjoyable. After all, the writing process is challenging enough without having to wrestle with grammar and style issues. Here’s to a future of AI-assisted writing, where your creativity can flourish unhindered.

Ready to harness the potential of AI for your writing endeavors? Explore the above-mentioned tools, and witness the transformative impact they can have on your writing skills and productivity. Happy writing, and may AI be your guiding star in the realm of wordsmiths!

To be totally transparent, here’s the latest price list for these paid tools:

  • Grammarly: The premium version of Grammarly costs $12 per month or $119.99 per year.
  • ProWritingAid: The premium version of ProWritingAid costs $20 per month or $240 per year
  • Scrivener: The cost of Scrivener depends on the platform you’re using:
    • Windows: $45
    • Mac: $45
    • iOS: $19.99
  • AutoCrit: The paid plans for AutoCrit start at $29 per month
  • DeepDream: The cost of using DeepDream depends on the specific service or platform you use. For example, the DeepDream Generator website offers a free trial, but after the trial period, you need to purchase credits to continue using the service.

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