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6 Methods To Keep Yourself Motivated At Work Today

I’m sure you’ve been there before – when the day feels like a grind, you’re listless and your mind starts to wander. We’ve all been there before, you’re not alone! Here are 6 ways to keep yourself motivated at work and keep things a little more interesting.

1. Do Something New


One of the ways you keep yourself engaged in your work is to try something new – this can take the form of a side project or entirely new assignment. Of course, it could be entirely possible that you create something complete new as well. Some quick examples include: writing a company blog post; creating a new workflow for employees; exploring a new employee incentivization scheme; or perhaps exploring that new social media tool and how it can be used for marketing. The possibilities are quite wide, to be honest.

Obviously, what you can do is limited by your role and your skill-set but with a little bit of creativity and smart thinking, you can make a valuable contribution to your organization and keep things fresh, challenging and a little bit more fun.

2. Plan, plan and plan

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Did I mention plan? Investing a small 5 minutes to plan can save you up countless hours and minutes of headache and un-productive periods. This does not even need to be some soft of formal planning. Indeed, just a simple ‘back of the envelope’ planning before you start your day, everyday helps in setting out the agenda for the day. It doesn’t even need to be super detailed, just a sketch of what your tasks are for the day and how you’re going to complete them.

3. Learn something new

There are plenty of  ‘Massive Open Online Courses’ (MOOC) available which are all run by top class institutions – such as Stanford, Havard, John Hopkins, Duke to name a few. If you can find a course that fits and complements your skills – you can and should easily make a case for taking it online. What is more, you save the company thousands of dollars in expensive training course! Check out some of these sites: Coursera, edx and Futurelearn.

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Dylan Loh

Dylan is an academic and political scientist. He has also written over 5 books on motivation, focus and personal development. He tweets at